1. I love these new "type these words into your tags box and post the first tag that automatically pops up" thingies, so fun. Let’s do another one:

    • can’t
    • don’t
    • first
    • help
    • please
    • one
    • my
    • will
    • stop
    • get
    • honestly
    • I’m

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    another another tags to type and post the tag that comes up

    she, he, they, im, yea, well, if, ok

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  3. gretamaya asked: I really like your speculation, I hope it comes true. ;) Regarding Kalinda, I want her to be a free agent. That way she can do whatever she wants. She could help Diane with her campaign, help F/A, help the opponents, help the SA's office... it would allow the writers to do a lot with her and explore her character.


    Thanks! (Replying to/posting this publicly because there were other people discussing Kalinda’s future:))

    I think it would be great to have Kalinda in a number of different roles next year. They’ve always noted that she prefers to keep her professional options open, that she has no problem juggling two employers at once, and they’ve laid the groundwork for Kalinda to transition into doing something other than investigating. As always with Kalinda, there’s a lot of potential. There’s so much left to do with the character that I think nearly every plot they could possibly write for her has potential— which makes the way the writers keep wasting that potential even worse. 


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    people who get in the shower before turning the water are the kind of people you should be afraid of

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    "Bloom": VLISCO’s Spring 2014 Lookbook.

    In their latest Spring 2014 lookbook, Vlisco, the Dutch Wax clothing and textile brand with a strong presence in West and Central Africa, reinterprets florals with their appropriately titled ‘Bloom’ collection.

    These prints are to DIE for.

    every single one is beautiful.

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  6. What you missed on 4x03 of Game of Thrones:


  7. Beth was with Paul and now Sarah’s (sort of) with Paul and Paul works for the people who patented human beings. They have something on Paul and he clearly doesn’t like it.

    Alison is with Donny who works for the people who patented human beings. Donny obviously doesn’t like dealing with Alison but why would he go back? What do they have on him?

    Cosima is with Delphine who works for the people who patented human beings. Delphine was in it for the science and stayed for Cosima.

    While all of these people are interesting and various shades of gray, it would be nice to see one of them with a partner who is NOT associated with the horrible company that created them.

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  8. The problem isn’t that Cary needs someone better, the problem is that we literally have no idea what’s going on. So far, the writers have only shown the relationship from Kalinda’s point of view, and they’ve only shown her using him. We have no idea why either one of them is in the relationship, especially not Cary. I want to see Cary in a relationship that actually matters and has meaning, because it’s clear his relationship with Kalinda doesn’t matter and has no meaning.

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    This is what British television looks like.

    I love how the penguin just recognises Noel Fielding as a fellow monochrome being and waddles straight over to him.


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