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    Cary being….Cary, caring, supportive and adorable. But I want him to be fierce and non-stoppable like last episode.

    Cary doing the only thing writers allowed him to do. For 17 episodes at least. Enough.

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  2. In the wake of Will’s death, Alicia and Diane’s story lines seem to be pushing them to address long-standing problems, while in Kalinda’s case it just seems to be suffer porn.

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  3. "The Good Wife has never been totally clear about who it thinks Kalinda is—she’s been one of the show’s most problematic characters, especially in the last few seasons, because she’s been inconsistently drawn and oddly motivated. This is no exception, though I’m hopeful that Will’s death propels Kalinda to some greater sense of purpose. Kalinda pushes Alicia away to go on a quest of witnessing the most gruesome details of Will’s death—including both the interrogation of the killer, Jeffrey Grant, and Will’s corpse laid out on a slab. It suits her character, sort of—Kalinda would never be satisfied with an easy answer. But I’m not sure about The Good Wife positioning her as the show’s avenging angel of death or mercy or justice—that scene at the end with the belt was a touch too melodramatic for my taste. We know Kalinda is brutal and loyal to a fault, but I’m less and less sure of who she really is.”

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  4. The white washing of Kalinda is incredible

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    So it is outside the bounds of common decency to forget or misinterpret what Kalinda told Alicia about her sexuality, but WITHIN the bounds of common decency to sleep with Alicia’s husband? No it is not. It’s irrelevent whether or not Kalinda was friends with the person who’s spouse she is sleeping with. According to the logic of the post, it would be not okay for me to sleep with my sister’s husband because she is my sister, but okay for me to do it if I didn’t know her. NO IT WOULD NOT.

    Secondly, holding Kalinda accountable for her own actions in no way, shape or form excuses Peter for his. Whereas Kalinda’s actions were negligent, Peter’s actions were actively vicious. I have absolutely no desire for Alicia to end up in a permanent relationship with Peter. He’s still 100% responsible for his own actions. Kalinda is 100% responsible for hers.

    The next thing Kalinda did that marks her as a bad friend is not telling Alicia about sleeping with Peter. The Good Wife is all about people having power to make their own choices, and Alicia specifically having that power. Alicia had the right to make the decision on whether or not to be friends with Kalinda given Kalinda’s past. Was Kalinda protecting Alicia when she failed to tell her about sleeping with Peter? Absolutely. Was she being a bad friend at the same time, by not allowing Alicia to make her own choices? Absolutely. These two things are not mutually exclusive.

    Then there is the issue of Kalinda’s husband. I think the writers intended it to come across as Kalinda being a better friend to Alicia, but unfortunately her husband was so awful her attempts came across as pathetic and sad. Kalinda could have warned far more people about her husband (all the while not telling people he was her husband - she was NOT required to do that) than she did, helping to protect Alicia. Kalinda really came across as not caring about anyone in this storyline, because her actions failed so spectacularly to match the threat.

    That said, it does not excuse Alicia’s actions. Again, I think the writers intended for Kalinda’s husband to come across as way less awful than he did, but that didn’t work out, which made Alicia’s actions look bad as well. When Alicia found out that the client was Kalinda’s husband, and the firm kept him anyway, she really should have gotten him removed. She could have said something along the lines that he’s a threat to someone, and not been required to say who because of confidentiality reasons. And, later, Alicia really could have shown more support of and interest in helping Kalinda stay away from her husband, instead of just suggesting she do so.

    Sleeping with someone’s husband, lying about it for years, and then putting someone in physical danger does not make a good friend, regardless of the actions of anyone else.

  5. Uh, Kalinda slept with Alicia’s husband and lied about it for years. Then she played her little games with Lana and Nick and put Alicia in danger. I think it is more accurate to say that Alicia has made terrible choices when it comes to friends. Dear God, she doesn’t owe Kalinda a damn thing. Or Will, for that matter. He and Diane created a toxic work environment and Alicia left. Did she go about it in the best way? No. But Will hardly went about being a boss/in charge of a work place in a great way, so it is not surprising she left.

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  7. the good wife + 5x14

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  8. Four years: 101 vs. 514

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  9. Entirely way too much information

    My (excessively long) thoughts on The Good Wife season 4 and why Kalinda’s storyline is terrible (and why I’m concerned about the writer’s ability to fix it):

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  10. People change on you.
    You changed on me.

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