1. melikeit2011:

    Cary being….Cary, caring, supportive and adorable. But I want him to be fierce and non-stoppable like last episode.

    Cary doing the only thing writers allowed him to do. For 17 episodes at least. Enough.

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  2. desoeuvre:

    I don’t particularly have an opinion about this ship one way or the other, but I would argue that I think the lack of Cary/Kalinda interaction in 5x16 was less to do with the characters and more to do with the writers.

    We were shown a very specific and very predictable set of interactions in this episode - my housemate and I pretty much guessed all of them, with a couple of notable exceptions such as the brilliant insights into David Lee and Eli finally snapping at Peter (if only a little). Of course, it would be foolish to assume that the focus of the episode would have been anyone other than Alicia, so these scenes (along with the glory that is Diane Lockhart, and the adorably off-his-face-on-pain-relief Finn Polmar) were actually a pleasant and welcome surprise.

    I’d have been incredibly surprised if a scene with Cary checking up on Kalinda had actually been shown. As much as I adore the show, I think this may be another of the things that we’re just supposed to assume has happened off-camera, because it has perhaps been deemed less important than other things. I only lean towards this line of thinking because let’s be honest, Cary and Kalinda are arguably two of the characters who get pushed to the sidelines the most (Kalinda especially).

    I wasn’t overly surprised, either. Unless Kalinda’s using someone or being used by someone (or both at the same time), the writers don’t feel like her actions are worth showing. I also think the point of the episode was really to show how individuals reacted to Will’s death, and not so much how it affected people’s relationships with one another.

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  3. "The Good Wife has never been totally clear about who it thinks Kalinda is—she’s been one of the show’s most problematic characters, especially in the last few seasons, because she’s been inconsistently drawn and oddly motivated. This is no exception, though I’m hopeful that Will’s death propels Kalinda to some greater sense of purpose. Kalinda pushes Alicia away to go on a quest of witnessing the most gruesome details of Will’s death—including both the interrogation of the killer, Jeffrey Grant, and Will’s corpse laid out on a slab. It suits her character, sort of—Kalinda would never be satisfied with an easy answer. But I’m not sure about The Good Wife positioning her as the show’s avenging angel of death or mercy or justice—that scene at the end with the belt was a touch too melodramatic for my taste. We know Kalinda is brutal and loyal to a fault, but I’m less and less sure of who she really is.”

    -The A.V. Club

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  4. I don’t really have any desire for a new Will (and LOL forever at The Good Wife writers going “we lost Will but still have 4 well-developed white guys, three of which we know are straight, but WE STILL NEED ANOTHER ONE”), and there are good reasons Cary simply can’t be Will (Will was fundamentally an asshole who can act like a nice guy, Cary is fundamentally a nice guy who can act like an asshole.) but I do what to see more of Cary and I hope he’s given more to do. Granted, I always hope that and it never happens but I might as well. I’m interested in seeing Cary be himself, not turn into Will.


  5. "Hot Damn, Cary Agos! Pushed into a deposition he didn’t want to deal with, Cary came out swinging. Ever since he became Alicia’s ally rather than her antagonist, Cary has been a little toothless. Don’t get me wrong, I like the kinder, gentler Cary. I like Cary and Kalinda. I like that Cary has daddy issues and something to prove. But it was healing to see Agos take his pain out on someone else. Especially because that person deserved it. So here’s to the one and only Cary (presumably he smothered Ben Rappaport’s Carey Zepps offscreen somewhere), he’s all we need."
    — The 5 Most Cathartic Moments from Last Night’s Episode of The Good Wife (Vanity Fair)

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  6. "CARY | Can I get a “Hell, yeah!” for Cary’s vicious behavior this week? Heading into a deposition with sexual-harassment plaintiff Candace (remember her from “Hitting the Fan”?), our Florrick-Agos shark found his opposing counsel unwilling to delay the proceedings — despite the death he and Alicia were reeling from. Cary’s final, seething response — “I wanna get out my aggressions and my anger out by destroying your client: Now sit down!” — may be one of the most delicious moments in Good Wife history. Can we please see more minutes per episode of this character for the remainder of Season 5?"
    — The Good Wife Recap: Uncomfortably Numb (TV Line)

    For the love of god don’t just replace Will’s screen time with Finn. Both Cary and Kalinda are underused, and there could be more David Lee and Eli and I wouldn’t complain.

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  7. "Is Cary Will’s successor, character-wise? Cary is smart. Cary is handsome. Cary is shrewd. Cary’s flaw, up to this point, has been a lack of killer instinct. (Let’s be honest—does anyone think Agos and Associates would be flourishing right now?) But last night, Cary turned a corner in the shark department, and I don’t think his client almost stripping naked right there in the deposition will be the last effect caused by this new ‘tude. It was bigger than grief."
    — 7 Good Wife Questions That Kept Me Up Last Night (Glamour)

    I have no desire for a new Will, but I am certainly interested in seeing how this affects Cary.

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  8. "Cary was never good friends with Will, but Cary’s reaction to his death is still smart and memorable. His takedown of an opposing client and lawyer who refused to allow the grieving process to settle in was impressive work by Matt Czuchry. Czuchry has really come into his own this season, but his work in this episode will really stand out."
    — The Good Wife Season 5 Review “The Last Call” (TV Equals)

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    "I Said Sit the Hell Down"

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