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  2. re: the 6x2 clip of Peter and Alicia talking

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  3. Anonymous said: If you could just jump into your tv and change one thing in the good wife like idk for example tell Kalinda that Blake's gonna come and fuck her life up so she can do something about it beforehand, what would you do?


    Ooh, I’ve thought a lot about what I’d do differently if I were a writer,but not what I’d do if I got the opportunity to intervene in the story. I think your example is on the right track for me: I would definitely want to prevent the damage Blake ultimately ends up causing. But I think I’d go back to the source: I would somehow (I’d be able to be more specific if the show had been more specific about what, exactly, happened) prevent Peter and Kalinda from sleeping together. If I couldn’t do that, then I’d make Blake leave town before he gets the chance to talk to Kalinda or to Matan and make it so that Alicia is (and the audience is) forever blissfully unaware that anything ever happened. That reveal caused more trouble than it was worth, I think. And that’s where I get into talking about writing and problems I’d fix in the writers’ room, so I’ll stop here. 

    This! The reveal would’ve been fine if they had something beyond ‘Alicia is upset with Kalinda and that makes Kalinda sad’. Because first of all: no kidding. And second of all: what next? They can’t simply go back to be friends again, but there is still a lot to explore in terms of Kalinda and Alicia’s relationship.

  4. Alicia is the center of the show, and she saw what Kalinda did, and Kalinda did indeed do something similar to Alicia, so it’s valid wonder what Alicia’s thoughts about that are. Kalinda was never required to care if she hurt Alicia. Kalinda WAS required to care if her actions mount the bar of basic human decency, which they do not. The extremely negative behavior Kalinda engages in can have a lot of collateral damage, as Kalinda knows well from having hurt Alicia, even thought that’s never what she intended. Kalinda isn’t required to care that she hurt Alicia, specifically. She’s required to care that she her actions are incredibly hurtful to others and then not engage in them. Excusing Kalinda’s terrible choices to hurt people is reminiscent of the horrible arguments made justifying what Cary did to Kalinda because, well, she hurt him first. It doesn’t matter what Alicia did to Kalinda – Kalinda is a human being, she’s still required to not go about doing gross things that can have incredibly negative consequences.

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    Almost none of the commentary I’ve read on The Good Wife season 5 finale has talked about Kalinda’s thoughts and feelings, which just highlights how little effort the show put into showing her thoughts and feelings. She was just a prop to be pimped out by Diane and abused by Cary,…

    I agree that the writers needed to show that Cary was hurt and upset, and that was where that scene came from. But The Good Wife doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The writers chose to show Cary’s hurt and anger in a way that’s over-done and poorly-done. Sexual violence/aggression toward women is often something shows fall back on when they need to show a male character being ‘edgy’ or ‘dark’. It’s a culmination of terrible writing decisions - the writers never showed their relationship as anything other than sexual, leaving them no other way to show Cary’s anger. Kalinda’s response struck me as terribly off - you’re right in saying that’s not how sex worked between them, but she didn’t know what was going on or why he flipped out like that, yet she took no steps to protect herself. Cary’s response to being hurt made sense, but that really should’ve been shown in some other way. Kalinda’s response made no sense whatsoever.

    See, I’m not planning to watch season 6. I just feel like I’ve wasted 5 years being invested in characters and relationships who were doomed to be ruined in the end by those writers.I don’t care about what they’ve in store for season 6. I simply don’t care because they’ve completely screwed up every thing I cared about. I think Robert and Michelle King knew what they’re doing with that scene. And the reason they did it even if the knew what they’re doing is because they don’t give a damn about those two characters or their fans. Maybe it didn’t cross the line but it was something completely out of character for Cary anyway. But they were too busy thinking about the next “shocking-edgy” moment to throw at us to care about what they’re doing to those characters.

    They shouldn’t have done this to the character, to his fans and to the actor who plays him (because there’s now way they didn’t know how that would have affected baddly his fandom). And I don’t think there’s something they can do it now to make up for it. Nor I think they give a damn about it, sincerely.

    Heh, you were writing this at the same time I was complaining about it on twitter. I definitely agree with the writers going for something “shocking” or “edgy” over caring about how it actually affects the characters. I don’t see how they could do anything with these characters in season 6 that would make sense. Cary’s not going to want to work with Kalinda, and I can’t see why she would want to be around him. Alicia already wasn’t interacting with Kalinda, and then Alicia got to watch Kalinda sleep with someone for her own purposes and not care who she hurt, which is what Kalinda did to Alicia when Kalinda slept with Alicia’s husband. I can’t image Alicia being any happier with Kalinda being around than Cary would.

    So they’ve set up a scenerio which is the opposite of what I would want to watch, one where Kalinda either doesn’t interact with most of the main cast or only does so in a negative way. They use the same storyline with her over and over again, it never goes anywhere or means anything.

    As for Cary, they’ve set him up to be involved in seasons before and never done anything with it, I can’t image that changing. The Good Wife: the show where the writers never learn from their mistakes.

  6. Three million.

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  7. melikeit2011:

    Cary being….Cary, caring, supportive and adorable. But I want him to be fierce and non-stoppable like last episode.

    Cary doing the only thing writers allowed him to do. For 17 episodes at least. Enough.

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  8. In the wake of Will’s death, Alicia and Diane’s story lines seem to be pushing them to address long-standing problems, while in Kalinda’s case it just seems to be suffer porn.

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  9. "The Good Wife has never been totally clear about who it thinks Kalinda is—she’s been one of the show’s most problematic characters, especially in the last few seasons, because she’s been inconsistently drawn and oddly motivated. This is no exception, though I’m hopeful that Will’s death propels Kalinda to some greater sense of purpose. Kalinda pushes Alicia away to go on a quest of witnessing the most gruesome details of Will’s death—including both the interrogation of the killer, Jeffrey Grant, and Will’s corpse laid out on a slab. It suits her character, sort of—Kalinda would never be satisfied with an easy answer. But I’m not sure about The Good Wife positioning her as the show’s avenging angel of death or mercy or justice—that scene at the end with the belt was a touch too melodramatic for my taste. We know Kalinda is brutal and loyal to a fault, but I’m less and less sure of who she really is.”

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  10. The white washing of Kalinda is incredible

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    So it is outside the bounds of common decency to forget or misinterpret what Kalinda told Alicia about her sexuality, but WITHIN the bounds of common decency to sleep with Alicia’s husband? No it is not. It’s irrelevent whether or not Kalinda was friends with the person who’s spouse she is sleeping with. According to the logic of the post, it would be not okay for me to sleep with my sister’s husband because she is my sister, but okay for me to do it if I didn’t know her. NO IT WOULD NOT.

    Secondly, holding Kalinda accountable for her own actions in no way, shape or form excuses Peter for his. Whereas Kalinda’s actions were negligent, Peter’s actions were actively vicious. I have absolutely no desire for Alicia to end up in a permanent relationship with Peter. He’s still 100% responsible for his own actions. Kalinda is 100% responsible for hers.

    The next thing Kalinda did that marks her as a bad friend is not telling Alicia about sleeping with Peter. The Good Wife is all about people having power to make their own choices, and Alicia specifically having that power. Alicia had the right to make the decision on whether or not to be friends with Kalinda given Kalinda’s past. Was Kalinda protecting Alicia when she failed to tell her about sleeping with Peter? Absolutely. Was she being a bad friend at the same time, by not allowing Alicia to make her own choices? Absolutely. These two things are not mutually exclusive.

    Then there is the issue of Kalinda’s husband. I think the writers intended it to come across as Kalinda being a better friend to Alicia, but unfortunately her husband was so awful her attempts came across as pathetic and sad. Kalinda could have warned far more people about her husband (all the while not telling people he was her husband - she was NOT required to do that) than she did, helping to protect Alicia. Kalinda really came across as not caring about anyone in this storyline, because her actions failed so spectacularly to match the threat.

    That said, it does not excuse Alicia’s actions. Again, I think the writers intended for Kalinda’s husband to come across as way less awful than he did, but that didn’t work out, which made Alicia’s actions look bad as well. When Alicia found out that the client was Kalinda’s husband, and the firm kept him anyway, she really should have gotten him removed. She could have said something along the lines that he’s a threat to someone, and not been required to say who because of confidentiality reasons. And, later, Alicia really could have shown more support of and interest in helping Kalinda stay away from her husband, instead of just suggesting she do so.

    Sleeping with someone’s husband, lying about it for years, and then putting someone in physical danger does not make a good friend, regardless of the actions of anyone else.