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  2. A little revisionist history for that Cary/Kalinda scene from Parallel Construction, Bitches.


  3. Anonymous said: Part 6. Because the last episodes I think have shown that it's not just C. chasing some impossible dream of his, no one forced K. to take the first step and say sorry, I miss you (and that was much appreciated), asking him out for drinks, but once you decide to go that way, what good could come to you from always showing this kind of duplicitous face, basically undermining ...


    Part 7.undermining your own efforts, always leaving the other person disconcerted or always needing to struggle to read your motives and intentions through. Also, honestly, I don’t think this is very respectful of the other person. It’s always difficult to talk about this regarding fictional characters that really have no “motives” but are just what the writers make them, and have their path already set for them …

    Part 8. (maybe that’s why we get so angry, because we have no power), but I see that Kalinda has been given a chance, or rather that she herself is beginning to see it as a chance (of course this would make C. happy and I’d be happy to see him happy :-) but I don’t see it as a mutually exclusive thing), but then she takes steps in the opposite direction and that is what makes me angry at her.

    part 9. I don’t know what else to say because, like you say, it’s not like we have to convince each other of anything. I fear this further clarification is actually more confusing than the previous one. I get angry when someone “touches” my favorite character and/or my favorite ship too (and Cary&Kalinda do have their share of “enemies”, too strong a word but I use it for brevity, to convey the idea), so I can perfectly understand the reaction,

    part 10. but as long as there’s mutual respect (and, allow me to say, but it’s not directed specifically at you, a certain dose of humor, since we are after all talking about a tv show), strong disagreement is never a menace. Thank you, goodbye! (the end) (sorry I had to wait 1 hour to post again as anon)

    I’m continuing to tag this (hope you don’t mind anon, just let me know if you want me to remove the tags!) because this conversation started fairly publicly and I felt it should continue that way. Also, it’s been really interesting. Like the opposite of shipping wars. It’s actually restored a bit of my faith in the fandom. Bless. 

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    Yes, this. I love Cary/Kalinda together but I don’t like the way it is being written. I want Kalinda to grow and change, because she’s been stuck in an endless, repetative loop that the writers refuse to break her out of, but I don’t want certain aspects of her character to be fundamentally altered. Everything about the way she has been written over the past few seasons has been bad, especially the focus on her sex life. I get the feeling that this is something nearly everyone agrees on.

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  5. "I can’t trust you."
    “I can’t trust you either.”
    “Mutually assured destruction.”

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  6. fyeahcaryagos:

    Cary: Did you Tell them
    Kalinda: No
    Cary: You didn’t?
    Kalinda: No, I didn’t.

  7. fyeahcaryagos:

    I hope they’re just secretly exploring things now, because they are one of the best will-they-won’t-they couples to watch. They don’t dominate storylines and suck up time with their drama, and neither does their failure to couple really feel like it’s rooted in the show’s writers stalling for time. Cary and Kalinda forever, is what I’m saying. (David Sims - A.V. CLUB)

  9. I didn’t go out of my way to solicit him. He was complaining about over-billing. 

  10. Kalinda/Cary 4x08

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