1. anothertgwfan:

    I cannot with people who are like “why does ethnicity matter when casting roles?”.

    Imagine if you are white and all you see on TV is black faces, all you see on movies are more black faces. All you see in newspapers are more black faces, unless a white person commits a crime…

  2. Kalinda/Cary requested by mindawake

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  3. florrickandassociates:

    i wish i could be surprised or angry. instead i’m just like, “yeah, about time.” 

  4. teeveeobsessed:

    Isn’t life like that though? When in life does everything get addressed? You can’t tie up your life up in neat threads when you die.

    Although in saying that, they do need to have that conversation. The scene Kalinda/Cary was far too uncomfortable and wrong, and even if Cary was in jail, sweeping that away isn’t going to work.

    Not everything needs to be addressed, but next-to-nothing is addressed with Kalinda, that’s the problem. The whole back half of season 5, when she was using Cary, and passing on information that wasn’t always accurate, that never came back to bite her, either. This happens over and over and OVER again with Kalinda and it is so freakin’ annoying. This is why she’s such a terribly written character - she’s a plot device to move things along, but her thoughts and opinions are irrelevant (see: the move to Florrick/Agos) and it’s as thought she lives in a consequence-free lala land (and I don’t mean negative consequences, I mean ANY consequences, there should be both positive and negative consequences to the things she does). What she did to Cary isn’t okay, and what Cary did to her is a whole other level of awful, and it just. doesn’t. matter. to the writers. The writing for her is so poor I don’t even know what to do anymore.

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  5. TGW 603: “Never doubt Kalinda.” (requested by anon)

    I really liked this scene: Cary’s able to figure out what Kalinda did, despite her unwillingness to answer his questions or really tell him anything. It’s also an interesting way to explain to the audience Kalinda’s actions, as well as how she managed to both help Cary and keep Trey from getting killed. It’s very understated and very well done, and it makes a nice contrast to the scene immediately proceeding this one with Diane. Diane doesn’t want to know what Kalinda did and doesn’t make any attempt to understand her. I wonder if Cary’s ability to figure certain things out about Kalinda is part of what attracts her to him or if it unsettles her. Or both.

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  7. If I read one more thing about Alicia being close to unredeemable or some other such bullshit I will light something on fire. She’s an interesting, complex character who makes interesting, complex choices, some of which are for good reasons and others not so good. There’s nothing her character needs to be redeemed from!

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  9. Who did it?

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  10. You look thin.

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